Guide for Playing Real Money Online Roulette

The name roulette is one of the few that many will identify with a casino. This game has been famous in many movies and often associated with high rollers or a more elite game. While roulette has gone through a number of changes over the years, the basics of the game have remained the same since its introduction in the 17th century. The changes more noticeable to those with a knowledge of the game is the different variations of it that can be played. When playing roulette online, it is of course slightly different, not in how it is played or how you win, but more so with the atmosphere, which for many, is positive as interruptions or being thrown off your game by the shouting from other players is not part of the equation. Online roulette, unless you are playing at a live dealer casino is played individually and against the proverbial croupier, which in this case, is the casino software. It should be noted that the software has been extensively tested and verified to be 100% random in its results, often with reports of same being published by the casino, and as such, you can be assured a fair and reliable experience when playing roulette online.

The rules of the game are identical in every way, shape, and form. You place your bet, the ball is spun, and the results are shown as well as any winnings are instantly credited to your account. In fact, online is far easier for you to slow down, review results and apply any strategy you may be employing, often with far better results than is experienced in live dealer roulette. The sweet side of playing online is the variety, you have the usual three variations – European, American and French, but can also access progressive roulette and other custom versions of the game designed by software developers. Those new to roulette have the added advantage of being able to test the game in free mode prior to playing for real money and once comfortable, can then change their account status to “real money” and make a deposit, and for those in Canada, Canadian currency is accepted at most casinos. A few advantages to consider with online roulette include a larger selection of games, an extensive range of table limits, easy game access, and increased payouts.

Where to play online Roulette?