Problem Gambling at Online Casino Sites Without Limits

gambling addiction

Playing casino games is supposed to be fun. Operators promote it as a rewarding activity and show players the opportunity to get massive wins, but they fail to mention that players always lose in the long run. Losing is inevitable and some players get really desperate when they continuously lose money and can’t actually stop purchasing more online casino credits. That’s when you see the ugly face of gambling.

Even winning at best online casinos is tricky. You should remember that to pay your winnings, casinos take money from someone else, from players which might feel broken and hurt because of bad luck. One happy player makes his/her dream come true at multiple gambling addicts’ expense. So, basically every time you hope for a big win you actually wish other players to lose. Some players call it the evil system players become a part of once they make their first wager.

Accept both Winning and Losing

If you play at casinos, you can’t win all the time, so get ready to some losses as well. Keep in mind that casino always has an edge and you need to be extremely lucky to be a winner in the long run. Casinos don’t pay their own money and compensate your winnings with the money they collect from other players. So, when you lose, you basically repay your debt to other players who paid for your success last time.

Like it was discussed above, your good luck is someone’s bad luck. Casino operators are just intermediaries that charge certain fee. Sometimes players think that it’s unfair that they lose their money. But there’s actually nothing unfair. Winnings are random and if you agree to land a big win, you should agree to have a massive loss.

Typical Behavior of a Gambling Addict

In the most severe cases, players can’t think of anything other than playing casino games. These thoughts largely affect their everyday life as they can’t concentrate. But others can live a pretty normal life until they log into their casino accounts and place a bet. That’s when a wild chase begins. First players chase some wins but gradually lose their bankroll. When considerable share of the bank is lost, they start chasing losses.

When losing a small part of the bankroll, players think that the situation is about to change in their favor soon. So, they keep playing. When losing significant amount of money, they get angry at themselves for not stopping earlier but keep playing to fix it. At that time it seems like the loss is too big to just let it be. But as they continue playing, they lose more and more, and that’s when players usually go crazy.

By the time they have nothing left in their account, they completely lose control and all they want is to get back their money by risking more. And they find the only solution they can think of, which is to deposit more. For those who have problem gambling there are always one or few more bets just to enjoy more wins or to get back what is lost.

Who Can Help Gambling Addicts?

Generally, no one cares about those who lose. They took risk and lost. Once you are in, you are in, and it’s really hard to leave this evil system. Even some of the greatest people on this planet aren’t immune to gambling addiction and they suffer as well. The difference is they don’t have to deal with this problem by themselves. There are luxury addiction treatment centers at their service.

Some players are perfectly capable of handling the situation by themselves. There are lots of resources, some inspirational stories to read. They make you rethink your behavior or provide practical advice. Learning from expert gamblers, for instance is a great way to take back control of your gambling.

When you see others suffer from gambling addiction it seems to be a problem. But then you have a first-hand experience and it’s your life that changes and you feel broken, devastated and helpless. If that happens to you, you should know that there are some organizations that help for free those broke players who want their lives back.

BeGambleAware is a very helpful resource that educates about problem gambling and about tools that can be used to stay in control. Moreover, BeGambleAware offers free professional counseling through live chat or by phone.